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Eric Leiser, "It is the best"

The unique one-piece design of the vise head virtually eliminates all that can go wrong with the mechanical cams, collets and springs found on the "new age" models.  It is beautiful in its' simplicity, and will handle 32 midge to 6/0 saltwater hooks.  It is hand lathed from solid bar stock and then tempered, polished and coated.  The jaws cost more to make than most companies spend on their entire vise.

The stem rides on a ball bearing within the base plates, unique among vise design.  This permits instant repositioning of the head to any angle.  The stem itself is sharply indented to provide optimum room for the the tier's hands and materials.  

For over 60 years it has been simple and the best.               TBSso Nov. 1998

Standard Model:  $ 124.00 stdvise.jpg (30616 bytes)

Deluxe Model:  $ 148.00 dlxvise.jpg (16674 bytes)

Originally in the 1930's it was the Thomas Vise made by A. H. Thomas a New York tackle merchant who sold it throught the mail with other stellar performers such as the "Johnson Spoon" and "Minnie the Swimmer".

Harry Darbee of Catskill Fly Tying fame helped Thomas redesign it and used and sold the new model until Thomas' death when he interested a maker of beer machinery in a batch to fill the demand. Jimmy Deren of the Anglers Roost in Manhatten also handled the vise now known as the "Darbee" vise and the "Anglers Roost" vise.

In 1978 Charles Phelps of Bethel, CT. and his brother Perter while attempting to repair one of the old vises decided to commence design and manufacture an improved version. Charles was a partner with Xuron Corporation of Danbury, CT. Machining of parts was jobbed out with assembly done at Xuron. The redesigned and renamed "Xuron Vise" was distributed by the brothers until the early 80's when Peter went out on his own starting Phelps Flies Company. As part of an informal settlement with Xuron, Peter was given all rights to the vise.

In 1983 Phelps files merged with the Bedford Sportsman in Bedford Hills, N.Y.

Peters untimely death in 1990 left the manufacturing and distribution of the vise in limbo until 1998 when the Bedford Sportsman South on St Simons Island, GA. started to again manufacture and sell the "Phelps Xuron Vise".

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